Saturday, 1 April 2017

Blender Scenes

I have still been spending a lot of time using Blender. I have not done anymore tutorials but I have been looking up notes online when I need them. I have spent most of the time trying to grasp textures. Using bump maps and displacement to add some depth to the image output.

Below is a re-working of the Yellowjacket in space image but with bump mapping on the textures of the ship and a new rocky planet texture for the planet. The results are less than impressive but better I think.

Yellowjacket leaving Station star field is added not rendered

I also went back to the Starlancer landing site blend. Here I think the bump mapping and specularity added to the ship texture does add something to the image. I also upped the light and added the sky background texture which I think looks pretty good. I added a few more things to the scene, another ground worker, a ladder coming down from the ground access hatch and some landing beacons.

Starlancer receiving cargo in a desert valley. The entire scene is rendered.

I also did an animation of the Starlancer landing, 100 frames where the scene remained static but the camera follows a serpentine route from a distance right up to the ship and up the ramp. Here I ran into a lot of issues with computing power. I PC took 45 minutes to render the animation at 25% pixel depth. The end result is a 4 second clip. It looked good but even at this tiny length it is really too big to post. I found a site that converted it into an animated gif.

Landing Site animation

I am trying to create a landing scene from scratch now that I am planning from the start so I do not have to work around earlier problems.

Yellowjacket landing at a remote landing strip surrounded by snow

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