Saturday, 8 April 2017

More textures trials

Before getting onto something I am sure everyone will find more interesting I thought I would post how my trials and tribulations are going with texture editing in blender.  I am finding that I discover something everyday but it is kind of one step forward and one back.

I am finally starting to understand the UV coordinates and what they mean. I thought I could manipulate the faces in the editor but it is becoming more apparent that it is really difficult to do so. Maybe I need to cut the faces up with more seams.

As long as my shapes are fairly boxlike they work pretty good.  But once I get an angled or cylindrical shape it gets really difficult.  I am meeting with limited success.

The randomly placed texture on the left. UV mapped on the right.

I also have been working on a triangular shaped ship in an attempt to figure these textures out. The fins are cubes so they work easily. But the triangular hull unwraps very oddly and becomes impossible to apply complex textures.

Pirate Ship

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