Monday, 24 April 2017

Gazelle Light Patrol Boat

The instant I changed the Antelope from a very small mailship to a more standard cargo trader I knew I wanted to create another light patrol style ship.  So I created the Gazelle fast patrol ship / fighter.

Gazelle on patrol for the UOS Navy

Developed by Imani Partnership 20 years ago on Kaitos, the Gazelle is still in use with the Unity of Suns Navy. New Gazelles are purchased every 4-5 years. It was developed under an exclusive contract with the UOS Navy to create a quick patrol ship to travel along the 1-jump route between UOS planets. It is not a front line fighter but is more commonly used to check on smuggling and pirates and perform overwatch on remote settlements on planets.

Gazelle Blueprint

The cabin area has acceleration seats for six occupants. Life support can support a crew of six for short periods of time (single jump). It is more commonly deployed with a crew of two. There is no appreciable cargo space.

Despite these limitations it has remained in service with few upgrades for 20 years for the UOS Navy. Some older Gazelle’s that were decommissioned have been sold for commercial use to a few of the larger shipping companies. Notably, Panstellar Association who use the four they purchased for fast mail delivery.

UOS 19228 Gazelle (Kiril Ortov) checking on a Research group
 at the Kitabatake ruins on Delta Outeria.

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