Sunday, 9 April 2017

Galenford Keep

I wanted to write up a short adventure to take place at Galenford Keep on the Stillwater further afield map. I had an old Harn adventure I thought could be converted easily to something more OSR Sandbox like.

Then it occurred to me to learn how to do some outdoor texture modelling. So I spent much of the time learning how to paint textures on a scene. The results are not bad for a beginner’s first try I think. I while have to learn how to create trees.

Galenford Keep atop a rise at the confluence of two rivers

Galenford Keep

I decided Galenford keep would be an abandoned site. That allows me to easily convert the old adventure to it. The Keep was built by knights from a realm to the east when the army that now rests in the Barrow of the Forgotten Legion roamed the area. The keep fell in the fighting and when the knights were victorious in the end they returned to the east and the keep was never reconstructed.

There is an entrance under a heavy stone in the ruined keeps courtyard to the dungeons. There is also a second entrance along the side of the riverbank hidden in bushes.

Galenford Keep Above ground map

Galenford keep from the road

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