Monday, 10 April 2017

Galenford Dungeon Map

I have put together a player’s map and GM map of Galenford Keep’s dungeons. I think I will write up something with generic statistics as well. I am calling it “The Secret of the Caves”.

The Keep map with the entrances marked


Galenford Keep (named for the Galen’s ford over the Stajin river) has been abandoned for almost a hundred years since it fell to a marauding army. The main trail through the Stillwater area still travels directly by the keep but no one stops anymore. The keep was blackened by fire and battered making it look like ugly, black teeth reaching up out of the ground. The appearance and a reputation for ghosts keep the curious from stopping.

Recently a river pirate has made his home beneath the keep after he found an entrance to dungeons that opens at the river level. He has carefully kept the entrance hidden from merchants travelling along the river. It put him in an ideal position to pick boats that are lightly guarded so he can overwhelm them with his pirates.  Goods are resold to a merchant in Whitewater who asks no questions. Those people who are captured alive are sold to barbarians to the south in the wilderlands.

There are three entrances to the dungeons. The original entrance to the keep is buried under a pile of rubble that will take time to remove. There is the pirates sea cave entrance at the water level.  Finally there is a winding tunnel that the pirates dug that exits on the beach.

The GM Map

Player's Map (for Online Play)

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