Monday, 17 April 2017

Interplanetary Shuttle (Bullfrog)

I have been spending a lot of time working on character models and landscape models. But with a little spare time on the weekend I created a small interplanetary shuttle. The Bulframis shuttle is built in large numbers on Touchdown by Neframis Shipyards. It was transported in large numbers to the Fenris for work as an interplanetary shuttle amongst the New Dawn planets.

Bullfrog Shuttle Deckplan

Outside of Touchdown and New Dawn the Bulframis is known as the Bullfrog shuttle. It can be operated by a crew of one but a captain, engineer and purser is more common. Many Bullfrog shuttles are operating independently in single systems throughout Wolf Sector. The low cost is a good entry point for credit conscious captains.

Bullfrog shuttle Centurion landing on Aradin

The Bullfrog loads cargo in the rear and most of the interior space is cargo space but it is still not big enough to load the standard M or S containers. The Bullfrog can only load cargo in XS containers or non-standard crates. The cargo area is pressurized so as long as the cargo can be dragged on-board it can be carried.

The Bullfrog has no hardpoints and only minimal armor. The engines are mounted outside the hull which has the benefit of allowing them to removed completely during repair.

Loading cargo by hand in a remote location

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