Friday, 21 April 2017

The Abyss

Back to the bi-weekly blue map on Friday.  This time it is a blend of two concepts I have always liked.  Multi-level dungeon on one map and a dungeon with an enormous abyss in the middle.

On the Further Afield map for Stillwater valley this dungeon is located in Hex 1209 just south of Stillwater village. A cave in the side of Calinor Hill to a goblin lair leads to far more than adventurer’s may have bargained.

The goblin’s stick to the Descent area and there lair in the northwest. They do not venture into the Lair of giant Spiders to the south. The goblins maintain the rope bridge across the abyss leading to their lair but they have archers posted to protect it. The second rope bridge further to the south (and 30 feet lower) is in poor repair and dangerous. There are some old Ogre tombs to the south of the second rope bridges from the time when large tribes of ogres controlled this area. The maze-like caves to the west are full of all sorts of deep dungeon semi-intelligent creatures. The last chamber (#35) should be the big bad final monster lair.

GM Map of the Calinor Abyss

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