Tuesday, 4 April 2017

The Bandit Lair

If I am going to develop the area around Stillwater more than I am going to need to have a way of identifying the location hex on the map.  So I did the rather tedious task of numbering the hexes. I did it in paint.net so I have a version that has the numbers on a second layer. The version here was flattened to a single layer.

Numbered Hex Players version

Now the locations that have already been developed have a numbered location. Stillwater village is hex 1008, Crimson Moon Maze is hex 0703.

So if I wanted to write something about hex 0606.

The Bandit Lair (0606)
Located a short distance off of the north-south road between Stillwater and Mrorg Hall is the lair of a group of six bandits. The bandits have built a rough wooden palisade (six feet high) protecting four open fronted hunting cabins (three walls and a rough). They pretend to be hunters and trappers and they have some game and skins drying to prove it. But they make their living by preying on small groups of travellers on the road. Lone travellers are especially likely to be ambushed. Ned is the leader and he makes certain that one of his men is watching the road from a hidden location at all times. The bandits are weakly armed with spears and bows and lightly armoured with leather jerkins. A search of their camp will turn up some packs of equipment taken from travellers.

  • Two bags for fine clothes
  • One bag with assorted ropes, spikes, nails and hammers
  • One bag with a leather armour in it that is rent with holes and unusable without repair
  • One bag (under Ned’s bedroll) with 34 coppers, 12 silver a useable dagger and a leather pouch containing a map showing the location of Crescent Moon Maze that is located with an “X” and the comment “much treasure protected by kobolds”.

Bandits (6): Ned, Rufus, Tomas, Aswell, Gint, Hengi. Armed with Spears. Hengi and Aswell also have bows and 15 arrows. Ned wears a leather tunic.

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