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Alien Race: Chukulak

The Chukulak

The Chukulak are a race of small but aggressive reptiles. They are highly intelligent and inquisitive. They are found mainly in their home systems of Azure and Argent.

Appearance and Biology

Chukulak average about 1 meter in height. They are bipedal and have short tails that aid in balance. Their hands have an opposable thumb and three other fingers ending in a hard claw. Their skin is scales and varies in colour depending on tribal group. Chukulak can see a broader spectrum than humans being able to see well in low light. They have quills on their head and partially down their spine that are brightly coloured. They require a warm and dry climate.


The Chukulak home world is a hot planet called Attis by human explorers based on a rough translation of the Chukulak word for home. The Chukulak have been an advanced civilization far longer than humans but they advanced slowly due to infighting. Their society is matriarchal with Queens ruling over their own tribe. The Chukulak had visited all 6 planets in their home system and had launched interstellar slow ships to Argent when they were discovered by human explorers.

The Scream caused the Chukulak to fall back to their home world and orphaned a colony on Xenu (Argent 4). Recently Xenu and Attis were reconnected. Chukulak from Xenu are considered a little strange as they have no tribal system allowing interbreeding of all types.


Chukulak seem to have a racial inquisitiveness. They love information, puzzles and mysteries. Females have more power in their society and fill most high-ranking roles in government and industry. Companies are arranged along tribal lines. They are not violent by nature but make good soldiers due to their ability to follow tribal orders.


Chukulak make good technicians and traders. Most found outside of their home system are actually from Xenu.

Chukulak as Player Characters

Perhaps not ideal as Player characters as Chukulak characters as their starting Strength and Dexterity cannot exceed 14. They make up for this penalty by having night vision and the ability to climb vertical as long as the surfaces are not sheer. Chukulak can be any class.

Chukulak (Left) compared in size to an average Human

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