Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Dim Star

With the news from NASA today about the TRAPPIST-1 system I immediately thought about adding such a system to my Stars without Number setting.  Observations have suggested that the system has seven Earth-sized planets in close orbit around a ultra-cool dwarf star. Of these 3 planets are thought to be in the zone required for water to be present. These would be very strange worlds, tidally locked with years that are only 15-40 days long. There are a lot of implications for the local climate, more than I can figure out.

So instead I have created a simpler system for the sun Outeria.  The system only has 4 planets all in close orbit around the star. The inner three planets are tidally locked airless rocks. But the fourth planet is rotating (although slowing in perceptively) and supports an atmosphere.

Delta Outeria has a 70 Terran day year and a 96 hour day. The planet is temperate but a little warm and is 12,500 km in diameter. The star Outeria is enormous in the sky.

The Dim Star Outeria on the horizon of Delta Outeria

Delta Outeria  (Outeria IV)


Planet Tags Corporate Control, Forbidden Tech, Heavy Industry.
Enemies Corporate Tax Officer, Scavenger, Loan Officer.
Friends Explorer patron, Friendly Loan shark, Gambler.
Complications Corporate war, Angry AI, Savage Survivors.
Things Pre-scream technology, Abandoned ruins, The Colossus.
Places Deep Sea, Ruined spaceship.

Delta Outeria (hereafter Delta-O) was settled about 60 years before the Scream. Towns and cities developed, there was industry and agriculture. There was no native life but there was water so agriculture was successful. After the Scream the settlers on Delta-O wanted to return to their home world and eventually just about everyone did leave. The few thousands that remained were not enough to maintain a viable colony and they died out eventually.
Delta Outeria Map (Hexographer)

Traders rediscovered Delta-O over 100 years ago. The planet was settled by traders and farmers and eventually a simple Republic was formed. Over the years one large Corporation after another has established factories and offices on Delta-O and these Corporations greatly influence local politics. It is still an elected Republic with a Planetary President but the Corporations control the government by donations to candidates.

There is a burgeoning business in exploring the numerous ruins left from the pre-Silence civilization. The two starports actually utilize the enormous foundations of the pre-Silence starports. Although most of the buildings are empty.

View from Ainley Port Tower at the Local Ruins

Corporations based on Delta Outeria

Neogen Enterprises operate several mines and are based in the aptly names Neogen city.
Frontier Alliance operate Offices on the planet. They arrange brokerage, loans and banking.
Panstellar Association has offices at Ainley spaceport. They operate cargo shipping through Wolf Sector.
Predom Corporation have a factory at Reseride that produces robotics.
Solano Syndicate are a major agricultural operation based at FA Galen.
Caberto Group have offices in FA Galen, they are a transport company that build spaceships.
Karamanlis Group are a pharmaceutical company with a factory at Karamanlis.

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