Friday, 24 February 2017

Quest to Calindril Keep

Another Friday blue map special.  This time it is a map for a Expert Set Adventure I wrote back in 1983. Quest to Calindril Keep. The adventure stole the concept from S2: White Plume Mountain, but the map and contents were different not to mention the level.

In my version, a legendary thief known as Calindril sends mocking letters to three heads of kingdoms who have each had a Kingdom heirloom stolen. Calindril tells each of them where it is hidden. The players are hired by one King to locate the heirloom. The keep was located deep in Dymark Forest, home to goblin tribes.

Once in the keep there were 3 quests to find a Crown, a Staff and a Cross. The Cross was protected by a black dragon. The Staff was protected by a floating dodecahedron which fired death rays if touched and a pit of lava. The Crown was protected by a hydra. The middle area of the dungeon also had various creatures including a wizard and fighter under geas, a green dragon, cave bears and fire giants.

It went quite well with no deaths when my players went through. Although all 3 treasures had powerful magic known of it was particular useful to the players. I wanted to be sure they returned the heirlooms to the owners.  I also thought White Plume Mountain handed out treasure that was too tempting for the players.

Calindril Keep (Author 2017)

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