Monday, 13 February 2017

Pit of Chlodosind

I am posting another one of the Dyson inspired hand inked maps I drew three years ago.  This one was actually inked with blank ink micron pens over a light pencil sketch.

The concept of “The Pit of Chlodosind is an ancient buried temple. A subsidence opens up in a cultivated field revealing a dark tunnel mouth leading to a small chamber. The locals investigate and find nothing but then strange attacks and abductions begin happening in the nearby village and the blame the pit in Farmer Greely’s field.  The players are sent to investigate.

It never got written up so I do not recall what creatures I had planned to place in the dungeon. Again there are a multitude of secret doors.  The doors off chamber #8 are fairly obvious but to open them the statue in the room has to be manipulated. Area #13 was the big treasure room.

Pit of Chlodosind - Author 2-2013

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