Saturday, 25 February 2017

The Kobold Lair

I have hit my 50th post.  Which is not that many when compared to a number of other blogs but seems like a fair bit to me.  I have also done 50 posts in 50 days.  Which was not my original intent but just happened.

I had planned to have something that pushed forward on of my settings but I was busy today so I will just pull out an old map I had lying around

The map is of a Kobold Lair.  It was the first overland encounter I had on my second D&D campaign back in 1982.  It takes place along the main road between Haven (from B3 Palace of the Silver Princess) and my Colossal Caves adventure I have discussed before (map here).

The adventurers are walking through some low hills when they are ambushed by a tribe of Kobolds that appear all around them as if by magic.  The kobolds have build a lair in the hills and have secret entrances along the main road allowing them to ambush travellers.  Pretty silly when I look at it now.

The players in my second campaign wiped out the kobolds in one evening of playing.  They must remember this adventure because one of the players founds some Boots of Travelling and Leaping in the Kobolds treasure room (#17).  But not realizing they were magical he told me he was using his dagger to cut the soles off the boots!  It had not occurred to him that they were a treasure and since they were in a treasure room he assumed they hid coins in the boots somehow. I was not sure how to play it  - but I wanted him to know he had just destroyed some magic boots so I had them poof into cold, blue magical flames in his hands as they were destroyed.

The Kobold Lair (Feb 16-1982)

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