Saturday, 11 February 2017

City-state of Balanz, The Realms

As a follow-up to yesterday’s map of the Khamad world setting for Runequest Classic. Today I expanded upon the map of the human controlled area of the world known as The Realms. Each of the the cities on the map is an independent City-state. Due to the precarious nature of their existence the city-states are largely cooperative.

Author 2017, digital map in

I have decided to start the campaign in the city-state of Balanz. Located at the mouth of the Severe River about 50 miles from the major delve known as Norhell. This gives me a chance to send the players off to nearby adventures culminating in a deep delve into one of the ruins of the ancients.

I made a quick sketch of Balanz.  I picture it as a city with tall, stone buildings and towers behind sixty foot tall walls that are 20 feet wide. It is built alongside the river and has access to the ocean. Only two gates pierce the walls. The city is surrounded by large areas of cultivated lands but these lands are abandoned in the time of darkness (winter) when the area outside the walls can become dangerous.

City-State of Balanz,  Author digital scribble with Dimples excel pen.

The main god worshipped in Balanz is Mamus, the protector, a god of the long night. Inhabitants of Balanz sacrifice to Mamus to delivery them safely from the long night of the winter. Other minor gods are Jyxtus (sleep), Dukeyar (secrecy), Utyx (fertility), Xesnia (miracles), Yione (magic), Lither (dark places), Firros (water), and Kolous (death).

In the dark months the players would be trapped in the city along with all of the inhabitants, the perfect time for an urban adventure.

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