Saturday, 4 February 2017

Old Maps from the 1980s

Here is a map I recently discovered in a box of old papers from when I was a young teen.  This map of “Terminus” that I drew in 1981 places it shortly before I discovered role playing games. I had read “Lord of the Rings” which is apparent from looking at some of the place names. I drew it for fun because I liked the maps that were common in fantasy novels of the time.

Terminus by author 1981

It looks like it is supposed to be a colony of earth that has fallen back into the middle ages in technology level. The inset maps show how the lands of the country of Falsa expanded into the sea with the use of dykes.

It is a logical outcome of the maps I copied out of fantasy novels.  I found it was easier to read a novel and consult the map if I had a copy that was not in the book.


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