Monday, 27 February 2017

Roll20 Gamemaster Chronicles Episode 2

I had the second and final session tonight of my D&D 5th Edition quick dungeon.  I thought the dungeon would be about 1 long session or 2 short sessions and this proved correct.  Since the players managed to complete the adventure successfully I can now show the map (below).

The Sleeper Wakes (5 foot squares)

The sleeper in question was Ealstad, a Cleric of Selune who turned to worship of an evil god when the north was being overrun by orcs. The players did unfortunately wake him when they entered the tomb looking for a missing farm boy.  But they also destroyed Ealstad who was now a wight. No one was drained in the combat where the Cleric used Sacred Flame to great purpose.

I did not get around to figuring out some of the problems we had with Roll20 that I noted in a post two weeks ago.  The interface worked well enough for what we were doing. Next time I need to get the ingame voice to work and learn about the turn tracker and placing creatures and avatars and the like.

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