Friday, 10 February 2017

Khamad Setting for Runequest Classic

I posted an old digital map I created in the 1990’s a few weeks ago. As I mentioned looking over the map made me want to update it and possibly turn it into a Runequest classic setting.

So I have gone ahead and done that.  I stretched the land mass out a little to make it more “round” in shape. Otherwise I kept the coastline the same and the locations of the Delves and City states are the same. I did change a lot of the names because I wanted something that was more my own and not a copy of an old computer program.

Khamad World Map (author 2017)

The center of the map is the north pole of this world, which is somewhat warmer than our earth. The Pillars of Heaven are a massive mountain range underneath which are the warrens of Trolls and goblins. The circle denotes the limit of the 24 hours of night (in winter) and 24 hours of day (in summer).  The underground dwelling monsters in this setting are unable to function in the sunlight so the summer is a time of exploration and delving in the ancient ruins in the interior areas (marked as diamonds).

Now I have what could be, I think, a good setting for a Runequest classic campaign.  There are city states, most of the human ones in an area called “The Realms”.  The dwarves occupy an area called Ull-Khalos and possibly elves in the Forest of Judath.

In the winter months the days are very short, a few hours in The Realms and a little longer in Tir. During these winter months it is not safe to leave the protection of the walled cities and often armies of trolls and goblins will lay siege to a city and attempt to destroy it before the sun comes out again.  So the cities have to stockpile goods for the winter.  There is some trade during the summer months by sea between the towns.

The individual city-states are ideal for the development of cults. Each city could have a dominant cult worship in some it could also be the political power of the city. In others multiple cults might be welcomed.

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