Tuesday, 28 February 2017

RuneQuest cults

There is one aspect of RuneQuest that I have never paid any attention.  That is RuneQuest cults.  In playing RQIII and OpenQuest they really are really not needed.  Really they are not needed in RuneQuest Classic but I want to run classic as close to the rules as possible so that means including cults.  The name and purpose of classic RuneQuest campaigns is to become a RuneLord which can only be done by joining a cult.

Basically, cults are religions/gods in the RuneQuest classic system. Gods grant spells and pay attention to their worshippers because the worshippers make sacrifices which add to the gods power.  Cults divided into three classes; major deity, medium power deity and minor deities.

Members joining a cult must sacrifice a point of POW (which is gradually regained). They can purchase skills from their cult. They can learn magic from their cult. They usually also must tithe a portion (10%) their income.

I have come up with a short form layout of how to describe a cult:

Runic Associations
Reason for Continued existence
Social/Political position
Holy Places/Holy Days

Lay Membership
Mundane Benefits

Now I just need to create some cults for my RuneQuest Classic Setting on Khamad. I want a setting with a multitude of gods so I just generated a long list of gods for the city of Balanz (where the adventurers will be based).

Xapha, God of the Sun
Edrared, God of Death
Adriel, Lady of Fire
Carohil, God of the Sea
Golfinar, God of the Earth
Gavrar, Goddess of Winter
Malik, God of War
Marielye, Goddess of Knowledge
Zeriel, Lord of Luck
Shoniel, God of Famine
Nerwenye, Goddess of Protection
Irat, Lord of Lies
Agiel, Goddess of the Sky
Aninyen, Lady of Healing
Jundiel, Lord of Lightning
Niyaha, Goddess of Love
Asar, Goddess of Magic
Gagiel, Lord of Destruction
Aran, Lord of Vengeance
Eblis, God of Travel
Amoch, God of Alchemy
Byzu, God of Horses
Adkiel, Lady of Trickery
Peniel, Lady of Lies
Nelalwe, Goddess of Storms
Aniyam, God of Secrets
Paha, Lord of Healing
Tanarfinr, God of Law
Penur, God of Winter
Sieliah, Goddess of Wizards
Penem, Lord of Dragons
Sielel, Lady of Nightmares
Mory, God of the Undead
Indis, Lady of War
Aedith, God of Treachery
Vaces, God of Coins
Galungiml, God of the Forge

Now I just have to fill in the details.

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