Thursday, 9 March 2017

Antelope Class Spike-2 Trader

I spent a fair amount of time playing around with the blender rendering software today with the intent of building some spaceships. I am only about a third of the way through the tutorial but I wanted to try out some of the ideas.

IP Trevor Mallow (Antelope MK1 Class) performance trials near Kaitos
I came up with this little trader I call the Antelope class ship. It is a small trader but quick and perfect for mail routes and trading in small commodities. I have noticed anything about long distance communication in the Stars without Number setting and it fits with the isolated feel I think is right for my setting. The only quick method to get information from one system to another is with the quick mail star ships. They can pick up a data dump, refuel in system and jump to the next system in a matter of days.

Researchers for Imani Partnership found some old rusted out pre-collapse spaceship stored away in silos on Midwrath and were able to use the tech to build the first Spike-2 drive ships built in Wolf Sector. Panstellar Shipping immediately placed a large order and they are not an uncommon ship to see on Kaitos, Mizar, Bomar, and Delta Outeria. The engines were unfortunately offset by few hardpoints, defenses and weapons but it is primarily travelling in Wolf Sector Core space. Recently ships have started travelling from Onai to Comarid utilizing its 2-parsec jump capability.

The Raptor (Antelope MK2 Class) in orbit around Bomar VI

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