Monday, 27 March 2017

Starlancer common trader

I have created a few ships in blender for my Wolf Sector campaign for Stars without Number but I have not yet shown the basic Free Trader shown as an example in the rules.  So I took a modification of my flying wing hull and came up with a large free trader capable of atmospheric landings.

The grandiosely named “Starlancer”, or SL for short is the product of one of the oldest shipyards in the system on Kaitos. Zakhariadis Shipyards were making spike-1 capable jump ships from the beginning of the post-scream trade era. They specialize in traders but do fill some government contracts for the Unity of Suns.

The Lady of Aquillon moving to Jump point

The concept for the Starlancer was a large cargo bay capable of landing on planets. The SL is capable of landing on small landing pads or even hard packed earth. It lacks in armor or significant speed but it is also no slow boat. The fuel bunkers and scoops allow for maximum versatility. The Zakhariadis shipyard only makes a Spike-1 and Spike-2 drive version. The spike-1 is actually the most popular due to cost. A large number of SL traders will be found in the Wolf Sector circle trade run around Kaitos.

The cargo hold is accessed by a ramp in the belly of the ship, sturdy landing gear lift the ship up high enough to allow loading from beneath.

Starlancer Deckplan

The Jump Engines preparing to engage

I threw in a comparison of the Yellowjacket trader hull to the Starlancer hull. The 300 foot long Starlancer is more than twice the length of the 138 foot Yellowjacket.

Lady of Aquillon passes a much smaller Yellowjacket near Kaitos III

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