Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Online Dungeon Mapper

There are a number of online dungeon map sites using javascript. Some create dungeons randomly and others allow you to manually create using tiles. A few years ago I used one to quickly come up for my Mare Nostrum setting (Labyrinth Lord). I have completely forgotten the the software and the website. But I still have the maps.  I also misplaced the dungeon key. It looks like a pseudo Egyptian Valley of the Kings style tomb.

Tomb of Shesmu (Labyrinth Lord 2009)

I would say that room 11 and the room between area 10 and 6 are secret rooms.  I also still have a player map for use in online table top emulators.

Players Map


  1. Have you ever tried Donjon? It's one of the nicer random dungeon generators, and later this year MapForge will give users the ability to edit the generated layout to further customize it, and render it out in high resolution with textures of your choice.

  2. Interesting. I had never heard of Donjon, but it's loads of fun to putter with. Wish you could remember the program you did the two images in. Thanks.

  3. Dunjon is not really my style. But I have used it a few times.