Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Tomb of the Lizard King (revised)

The Tomb of the Lizard King (I2) is a classic TSR module released in 1982. I always wanted to work it into my Campaign I was running in the early 1980’s. My campaign had taken a turn for some serious Dimension hopping with the players trying to find the missing Eyes of Arik (suggested by B3 Palace of the Silver Princess) across seven different worlds. This allowed me to drop in some published modules that would not otherwise fit together.  Since the players were pushing 8-9th level I did a complete re-write of the adventure (and I had to place the eye in amongst the treasure).

The resulting map bore little resemblance to the original. I recall the final tomb of Sakatha (vampire Lizard King) had a number of Type I and II demons guarding it. Attached here is the map I created of the dungeon and the close up I drew of the Tomb. All drawn in mid-1984.

I might translate this into a blue map as well, although it is a little complicated.

Revised Tomb of the Lizard King (1984)

Detail of the Final Tomb (1984)

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