Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Catacombs of the Haunted Keep

I have had a lot of fun just doodling up maps of Stillwater and the area around it. So I had planned to go further afield with a map today.  However, I am less than enthused with the results so I think I will leave it for another day.

Instead I have another installment of old maps from 1982 for my version of The Haunted Keep. The iconic “sample” dungeon provided in the back of the Moldvay Basic rules.

The Catacombs of the Haunted Keep 1982

Earlier I posted my map of the Level 1 and Level 3. Now here is level 2, the Catacombs. Because as a beginning game master having read only a few modules I was sure that a Catacombs was an ideal level for a dungeon. It gave me a chance to use skeletons and zombies, and if I recall there was one wight. I still have the original write for the adventure but it is hand written and packed away.

I can see that one of my favorite ideas makes an appearance, the moving dungeon corridor or room. Corridor #13 moves once the door is opened and I believe room #37 rotated. When I look at the map my players created (below) it does not look that far off considering the use of these classic misdirection rooms.

The Players Map

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