Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Starlancer Part 2

I threw together the Starlancer model and deckplan pretty quickly so I am going to take a post to clean it up a little.

Clandestine loading on Aradin

For one, there was no way to exit the trader without going down the cargo ramp. That seems a little odd.  So I have added two ground access hatches on the bottom side of the hull. I also added a fuel scoop just under the bow of the ship.  Then I took some time to complete the rudimentary landing gear.  You really cannot see much of them on the renders so I did not bother to get too complicated with the landing gear design.

Fuel Scoop, landing gear and exit hatches

I want to show how cargo is loaded so I built a quick little scene with the ship being loaded in a deserted valley on a dark, cloudless night. Looks like the cargo being loaded or unloaded might be illegal or maybe they are just avoiding import taxes. There is about a 2 meter clearance under the ship even with a size M container (10’ tall). The cargo is being loaded with the help of grav sleds and once they are positioned under the cargo hatch the ship’s cranes can assist moving the container into place.

Updated deck plan for the Starlancer

Finally, just for fun I added a view in space in battle. Laser turret “A” firing at an unseen adversary. Actually not that easy to add to the render. I will have to look up a better way of doing it.

Under attack!

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