Monday, 13 March 2017

Exploring the Ruins of Timgal

I have not talked about the Alusian Setting for awhile. This is the OpenQuest setting I am developing. A bronze age world with a primitive lost island. On the main island are the remnants of a once powerful lizardman or serpent man civilization.

Human explorers have ventured into the ruins they call Timgal on the main island for years. It appears on many treasure maps. The players will be following one of these maps to Timgal and spot a trail leading into a fairly intact structure rising out of the jungles.

Just one level is mapped. Further levels are accessible via the deep pits that are filled with water. The lizardmen come up these tunnels to raid the surrounding jungles after dark.

So without further elaboration here is the map of the Deep Pits of Timgal.

Deep Pits of Timgal Map Level One

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