Saturday, 4 March 2017

The Village of Stillwater

Early today I posted a map of the Barrow of the Forgotten Legion with some notes suggesting it was located close to a village called Stillwater. That got me thinking that a map of Stillwater might be nice.

Again I went with a blue map but a hex map this time.  The most time drawing this was creating the hex grid with a primitive paint program.  Once the hex pattern was completed creating the village was quick.  I knew I had to place a location with Stillwater so I figured a sluggish stream emptying into a shallow, calm lake. The village would be located on the shores of the lake.

I ended up with little room left so the Barrow ended up being very close to the village. Likely when the battle occurred that led to the Barrow being dug the village was not yet established.  I threw in a Inn and a mill end it is done. Judging by the number of buildings the village probably only has a population of 55-60 people.  Maybe it is on a major road and the establishment of an Inn at this location led to the other services establishing themselves. Farmers raise wheat that goes to the mill and then to the baker to make bread. Other farmers have chickens and cows. Fishermen provide fresh catch of the day to the Inn.

The Village of Stillwater  Author 2017

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