Sunday, 19 March 2017

Yellowjacket Deckplan

Another deckplan today, this is the Yellowjacket I mentioned before.  It is a small trader, a shuttle to be exact.  This time I took the time to design it in blender in meters so I had a good feel for whether it was the correct size. I have watched one tutorial on textures and I have been experimenting on my own as well. I quickly realized that it is easy to make your own textures. The ship texture and background textures (stars, horizon) are ones I created myself.

Yellowjacket Deckplan Mark IV - author 2017

The Yellowjacket is a Spike-1 transport capable of carrying to standard (M) containers or 6 tons of cargo. The cargo is loaded directly onto a loading dock in the front of the hull (see photo). This is also the main entrance to the hull for the crew planetside. There are emergency airlocks on the top and bottom of the hull.

The version pictured is the “Stellar Flare” captained by Joshy Areen and owner/captain whose home port is Alpha on Bomar. His Yellowjacket is maximized for cargo and has not weapons or defenses. The Stellar Flare is mainly found on the Kaitos-Bomar route which is reasonable safe. Captain Areen has a crew of six.

Loading Cargo Alpha Port - Bomar

It could be crewed by a single person. But more commonly the crew is 4-5 people. Sometimes crew quarters are given over to paying passengers. The accommodation for passengers is basic but comfortable.

In some busy systems, barebones model Yellowjackets are used to ferry cargo from larger traders to the surface or from space stations to the planet’s surface. This especially the case on Kaitos where the hull was developed.

At an entry point of 200,000 credits for the hull (usually coming in around 240,000 with fittings) the Yellowjacket is one of the workhorse traders found in Wolf Sector.

Leaving Orbit - Ten-Go Station Kaitos III

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