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Stillwater Inhabitants

The village of Stillwater map I threw together on a whim a month ago has gathered in detail so I decided to make a larger detail map and give name to the inhabitants and their homes. In total there are 57 permanent inhabitants of the village. Stillwater is located on the main road between the towns of Grimwell to the west and Pirn to the east. Each of these towns is a full day walk from Stillwater.

Stillwater Village Detail Map

Cottage of Tholes Forde
Tholes is a hunter and he is charged with maintaining the ford for which he gets a small stipend. He has 2 grown boys aged 16 and 14. His wife died in childbirth.

Cottage of Reder Dage
He farms a patch of land near the Innkeeper’s house. Reder has a wife and 4 children (boy 14, boy 12, girl 9, boy 5).

Braden the Miller and Brewer
Braden runs a mill located on the river. The mill uses a simple water wheel. All of the local farmers come to Braden to mill their crops. He takes a portion. Braden is also the local brewer. In addition he and his two sons live at the mill. The sons are grown (Aldos 22, Sheeve 18). His wife went missing 2 years ago.

Cottage of Richyi
Richyi is a farmer with the help of his wife and 2 girls (age 16 and 14).

Cottage of Burgos
Burgos is a single man who has the largest cultivated field in Stillwater.

Blacksmith Phomas
The smith Phomas has an open air smithy (building to the east) and a cottage for him, his wife Gwenir and two sons Baxter (21) and Bain (18). The two sons are apprenticed but his best apprentice is Samara (16) the daugher of Signe the fisherman.

Cottage of Alter
Alter makes a living hunting game in the Talenwood and bartering for what else he needs. He also collects firewood in the winter for several of the other villagers. He is unmarried with no children.

Cottage of Ernard
Ernard is the Barber, herb specialist, and healer of the village. He has no real training aside from what his gran taught him before she died. He is often found wandering well afield and know the local lands well.

Toppled Tankard Inn
Detailed in a previous post. The home to Waldemar the innkeeper, Byri the cook, Bricea the barkeep, Bricea’s son Carlow and the orphan Stub.

Shoppe of Aniew Drery
Drery is a clothier and outfitter. Anything that can be purchased in Stillwater (aside from food and drink) is found in his shop. The clothier’s shop is the largest building in Stillwater. It is also home to his wife Lisabet and their five sons (ages 16, 14,12, 12, and 8). The Drery boys are something of a terror in the village, always in trouble.
Players should not expect to find weapons and armor at the Clothiers’ shop. He sells used clothes, blankets, and household items. Things that might be of interest to adventurer’s are sturdy boots, blankets, backpacks, rope, candles and the like.

The Bakery
Wake & Leise are a husband and wife team of bakers. They take local flour and make barley bread, wheat bread and some pastries.  Wake travels once per week to the market in Pirn.
They have 2 children (girl 14, boy 12).

Cottage of Thamond
Farmer Thamond works a plot behind his cottage with the help of his wife Gerti and there three children (boy 14, boy 9, girl 6).

Cottage of Menga
Menga is an apprentice carpenter to Hruria. He is the son of the fisherman Tane.

Cottage of Tane
Tane is an elderly fisherman (50+). His wife died this past winter. He has one grown son Menga who is apprenticed as a carpenter and a second son, Guthrie, who is only 10. The younger son helps with the fishing.

Cottage of Signe
Signe is a fisherman working 2 boats on Stillwater lake with the aid of his son Talon (18). He has a wife and two daughters. Samara 16 is an apprentice to the blacksmith, and Hana 12.

Shop of Hruria
Hruria is a foreign man who is the village carpenter, roofer and boat builder. He has a large shop near the lake that also is home to his wife Erika and his two children (boy 14, girl 8).

Shack of the Hermit

The hermit answers to the name Holes. Coined because his dirty clothes are heavily patched but still full of holes. He makes a living fishing and digging up things on the old battlefield to the northwest of the village. There is a rumor around the village that Holes has a stash of gold coins under the floor of his shack. The Drery boys tried digging up his shack floor when he was out wandering. They did not find anything and when Holes returned he chased the boys all the way to their home with a rusty old sword.

Player's Map Version


  1. Hey, is there any way you could share an unlabeled version of the map so I could put it on the table while I used the labeled version behind the screen? This is a great little village, and I have a group with a 3' apparent portable hole that inexplicably pours forth water. I intend to have the other end at the bottom of Stillwater lake.

    They keep talking about going through it, but haven't had the nerve yet. This would be great as a "and they decided to go for it this session unexpectedly" thing to have prepped in my folder.

    Either way, thanks!

  2. Sure. I will post a Player version to an update to the page.

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    2. Thanks! I had missed your update and found it just in time for tonight's game.