Saturday, 4 March 2017

The Barrow of the Forgotten Legion

This is a late Blue Map Friday because it took a lot longer to create than I expected. I started with nine randomly placed Dungeonmorph Cards.  Normally I just made draw the pattern the cards lay out with whatever changes occur to me.  But this time I choose natural caverns and hand drawing was taking a lot of time. So I scanned the cards, overlay a grid and then filled in and turned off the original layer. I like the result.  I am calling it the Barrow of the Forgotten Legion.

Long ago near the village of Stillwater there was a battle in the nearby hill between the forces of good and evil. Evil was defeated and the enemy was buried in a nearby hill honeycombed with natural caves.

Now hundreds of years later the barrow stands forgotten, only two grim stone doors mark its location in the side of a large, rocky hill. You have arrived in Stillwater after hearing that the village was beset with trouble. Villagers are going missing and the locals suspect some evil has arisen in the Barrow of the Forgotten Legion. Do you dare brave what lies beyond the stone doors.

As a back story I think the remnants of that evil army sent cultists to the barrow to raise their commanders from the dead. They need sacrifices and the people of Stillwater were close at hand. The villagers are held at location 15 guarded by soldiers at location 14. The sacrificial altar is at location 33. The players have to hurry to save all of the villagers.

Through in a few cultist, undead and maybe some spiders or other cave denizens and your done.

Barrow of the Forgotten Legion - author 2-2017

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