Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Blue Lizard King Map

I mentioned I would think about translating the hand drawn map for the Tomb of the Lizard King I showed in my last post.  I was already working on it for that post but it was taking longer than expected.  So it is in this post.

As I mentioned I used my version of the Tomb of the Lizard King as part of a dimension-hopping mega-adventure. The players had entered a Temple of Arik that was jumping between dimensions. At first they assumed that the Temple had portals to other dimensions. They took a long time to complete this adventure and the Temple had dimension hopped on to its next stop which was quite a shock to them.

Here are the notes from the campaign journal dated March-August 1984.

The Company of Heroes journey to the lair of the Black Dragon Aulicus in the Great SouthernSwamp. The lair is in the entrance to the Tomb of the Lizard King Sakatha. Realizing thatthe Black Dragon is too powerful to confront the players sneak past the dragon into theTomb looking for clues to why the dragon is attacking local villages. Inside they find a series of prisoners held in time capsules and release Sakalaith (previously encountered as the Blue Phantom of Haunted Mansion).
In the tomb they are attacked by and defeat several demons before confronting and defeating Sakatha who has become a unique Vampire Lizardman. They find the ruby eye of Arik that is the key from this dimension and track Sakatha to his coffin to destroy him at the paladin’s insistence. Returning to the Temple of Arik they are shocked to discover that it has been replaced by a ruinsubmerged in the swamp. Sakalaith is able to ascertain that the monument is jumping through dimensions and should return after a few weeks. The Company camp out in Waycombe for a few weeks.

The Tomb of the Lizard King re-imagined.

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