Sunday, 12 March 2017

Flying Wing Hull Type

From the beginning went I started using Blender I wanted to try my hand at a flying-wing style spaceship. A small trader that could be configured for atmospheric flight. I got side-tracked about 4 times now once I started manipulating shapes and saw something that looked like a spin hull.

But I finally took some time to rough out a new hull.  This time I took the time to change the blender scale to meters so I can actually create something that will be to scale once I create a deckplan. The hull shape is 80 x 40 x 10 meters. It actually has a shorter wingspan then the B2 Bomber but it is a lot longer and taller. I assume the shape is just to give it some lifting properties, powered flight it the primary method of staying aloft.

I also created a little man (a little better than a stick figure) and a Standard S Container to scale. I created them when I was trying to figure out if a container would fit in the ship and how tall an airlock would have to be. I took an image with the man and the container standing on the basic hull.

Atmospheric Hull Type Prototype Shape

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